When I’ve had to flip a frittata in the pan to cook the other side, I’ve always stalled for a second because I’d be afraid to ruin it. Then I thought of making them smaller to make them more manageable. So off they went into the silicone mini-tart molds and into the oven. They came out beautifully, and I didn’t need to exert any effort in flipping. There was no need to touch them at all while they were baking. It was perfect!

The ingredients in these mini frittatas play different roles in making them taste special. The ricotta lends a fluffy texture, while the Parmesan gives them a much richer flavor. Not only do the peas give a contrast to the yellowness of the eggs, but they also give a break to the flavors of the cheese and eggs. Top them with fresh ricotta and peas, and you will definitely impress your brunch guests.

Transform your usual frittata into something more special with this baked mini version mixed with ricotta and peas. It takes a little bit longer, but there’s no flipping-in-the-pan involved.