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What is FPV and the basic introductory parts of FPV

What is FPV?

FPV is the abbreviation of First Person View, it is a device based on remote control model airplane or remote control cars equipped with wireless camera to transmit images, which can be controlled on the ground.

The basic common parts of FPV are aircraft kits, antenna, video transmitter, video receiver, image display and storage, remote control, camera and others.

FPV basic introductory parts:

1. Battery:

FPV batteries are generally lithium polymer batteries because of its better comprehensive performance, such as large energy density, light weight, resistance to high current. Even though, FPV cannot fly in a long time in flight, most of them can fly about 20-30minutes. Therefore, for more fun when flight, buying several batteries is a good way to deal with this problem. I recommend the Gens ace & Tattu 1300mAh battery and 1050mAh battery for your FPV battery.



The Li-po battery for UAV is in series which means there are several Li-Po cell connect in series internally, so in order to have every cell charges fully, it’s advisable to choose a “Balance Charger”.

3.Motor, ESC and flying control system

The motor consists of brush and brushless motor, brushless motor is very common in photography UAVs, which is powerful and quality. The motor will transmit the power from battery to spin itself speedly and then drive propellers spin to fly. And ESC is the controller of motor, it will transmit the signal infomation of flying system to motor current. The current size through motor is the speed size of propellers.

4. OSD and GPS

The UAVs GPS system is also very important, because one-key return, fixed-point and fixed height, hover and other functions depends on it. OSD is also known as figure transmission, it is the most important in FPV. Cause if you want to really have fun, the delay degree OSD is pretty critic.

5.Remote control channel, handlers and unlock

The size of the remote control and handle feeling is not very important, instead whether the remote control button layout reasonable and complex or not. The remote control channel means the up and down (throttle size), left and right, front and back, left spin and right spin. Quadcopter need to have at least 4 channel to fly safely.



Currently, the most commonly used props are the self-tightening pair opposite props. Pilots can purchase multicoloured self-tightening quality props to make your UAVs look more cool. The UAVs flight follow the principle of physics, whose installation is also two opposite sides. It mainly offsets the rotation thrust of spinning to make UAVs get rid of the earth’s gravity and fly in the air.

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Do you already know the various between FPV and aerial photography machine?

For many newbie,they can be normally confounding FPV with aerial photography machine.Which will lead them make an blunder after they gonna purchase new drones.It may very well be wasting money.

Thinking about about this kind of standing, i’d prefer to share with folks that what’s the various amongst FPV and aerial photography machine.

Firstly,i wanna allow you to understand that the widespread point of FPV and aerial photography machine is they all install a camera on drone.So in this stage,the drone is just not the key part,and just like a carrier for aerial photography or FPV.

The primarily diverse among FPV(1300mah 4s lipo) and aerial photography machine is they are really pursue distinctive objectives,really.

The aerial photography machine is absolutely diverse towards the typical view.It can be extra magnificent and sublime.Angle,picture high quality and photography techniques would be the essential points for aerial photography.Or,you can say,aerial photography is form of artistic creation by utilizing drones.Moreover,aerial photography also can be used in measurement, survey etc.Although,they are not artistic creation,but in addition for receiving video clips and pics.

People would like have the freely fly feeling within the sky by FPV.The so referred to as PFV total identify is 1st Man or woman View,You may drive your drone,crossing in the jungle,gazing down 1 the earth.In this stage,FPV doesn’t have that substantial picture good quality around aerial photography.

While you know in my first point,aerial photography requires very good picture high quality,so the machine ought to use good quality photographic camera tools and secure PTZ.It means that the drones have fantastic weight-carrying means,so that the drones could afford all of the weight on it.For FPV,its photographic procedure is a great deal easy and uncomplicated.It only wants one camera.So,the drone of FPV is smaller sized,generally it uses 240-280 wheelbase.

At the current stage,on the earth industry,we nonetheless don’t have finished FPV. Frequently, folks have a tendency to self-packing.

As an required accessories for drones,battery is like the blood to drones.The aerial photography machine wants secure image,as FPV needs swiftly explosive electrical power.Right here i’d wish to introduce one particular famous brand in generating batteries—-Gensace/Tattu from Grepow.Tattu is largely for FPV battery,Gensace for UAV and RC vehicles.Like a brand manufacturer,Grepow always stick to only produce superior quality for FPV,UAV,RC automobiles.As being a consequence,Gens ace and Tattu take pleasure in good status throughout the entire world.Thus far,Grepow have established two branches in Dusseldorf Germany Europe and L.A American.As a result Costumers could less difficult buy batteries they need.