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Which RC car lipo battery can make your RC car faster

Like the airplane model is loved by RC enthusiasts, the remote control car (RC car) is also loved by many drivers. Playing with the RC car can train up your brain, as it is a passionate sport. Here are some suggestions on how to choose RC car lipo battery or other interesting things that make your RC car faster.

At first, to choose the brushless motor

There are two types of the motor, brushed and brushless. Basically brushless motors make more power and it has parts that will hardly wear out. But if they do, you just need to change the internal parts. Whereas brushed motors have parts that are more likely to wear out. If something internal was ruined you can’t replace the parts. Generally brushed motors are cheaper than brushless, that is why most of RC cars come with brushed motors in the past. But nowadays almost all RC cars use the powerful brushless motor and they are geared to hit 90mph.

At second, to choose a better RC car lipo battery

Because of most the RC cars come without a battery, so you have to choose a battery so that your RC car can start running. Which RC car lipo battery is most important can make the RC car faster? We will recommend you the Gens ace&Tattu RC car lipo battery, they both have very high-capacity, high-discharge rate.

Gens ace 5000mAh 7.4V 50C 2S1P HardCase Lipo Battery

The Gens Ace 50C 2S 7.4v 5000mAh LiPo battery pack comes with high-capacity and high-discharge rate that give you the power and run-time you expect from all Gens ace lipo batteries. This battery is ideal for all 1/10 scales & 1/8 RC car, etc.


Brand: Gens ace
Capacity: 5000mAh
Configuration: 2S1P
Dimensions 138 x 47 x 24 mm
Net Weight: 294 grams
Short exposure time max. 500A (100C)
Load duration max. 250A (50C)
Resistance (milliohms): <20mohm
Connector Type: 4.0mm bullet to Deans
Balancer Connector Type: JSTXHR

At third, to upgrade the ESC

The ESC (Electronic Speed Control) is the mediator between the battery and your motor. It connects to the receiver and receives signals from your remote telling it how much power it should release. So when you upgrade your motor you will have to upgrade your ESC as well.


As the driver, upgrade the motor, ESC and choose a better RC car lipo battery, are the factors that make your RC car faster. Gens ace&Tattu lipo battery can give you the power and run-time you expect from the all Gens ace lipo batteries. Finally, wish you play fun.

Source: http://www.genstattu.com/blog/which-rc-car-lipo-battery-can-make-your-rc-car-faster/

The difference between li-ion and li-polymer battery

Lipo batteries often refer to the polymer lithium batteries. According to the electrolyte materials, Li-ion battery is divided into liquid lithium ion battery and polymer lithium battery or plastic lithium battery. Do you know what are the difference between li-ion and li-polymer battery? Let us review these common senses with Gens Ace.

The difference between li-ion and li-polymer battery

Compare with li-ion battery,lipolymer battery has the following characterizations:
1. It would not leak the electrolyte, since it uses the colloidal solid rather than the liquid electrolyte.

2. It can be made into thin battery. For example, a 3.6V 400mAh 15C battery can have the thickness of 0.5mm.

3. It can be designed into multiple shapes.

4. The battery can distort and be flexible. The macromolecule battery can distort up to 900 around.

5. It can be made into single high voltage: the battery with liquid electrolyte can only acquire the high voltage and macromolecule battery by putting several batteries in series.

6. Because the battery itself does not have liquid, it is possible to obtain high voltage by making multi-layer combination inside the single battery.

7. The capacity is twice as that of the Li-ion battery.

The lifespan of lipo battery

The factor influenced the lifespan is the charging cycle, and the times of charging will not directly influence the lifespan.
For example, the first day, we charge the battery after consumed half of the power, and the second day, we repeat that process. This is just one charging cycle rather than two. Therefore, a cycle may be finished by several times of charging. Every single charging cycle will reduce the power slightly. However, a superior battery can maintain 80% power after many charging cycles. That is why some lipo battery can use normally after two or three years. Certainly, it is also needed that we replace the lipo battery if the lifespan has ended.
The lifespan of lipo battery is commonly 300-500 charging cycle. We set the Q as the power provided by one-time fully discharging. Ignoring the reduction of every charging cycle, the lipo battery can power 300Q-500Q through its lifespan. Accordingly, if we charge the battery after consuming power, the battery could be charged for 600-1000 times. (if we charge the battery after consuming 1/3 power, the battery could be charged for 900-1500 times.) we cannot tell the exact number of charging times if we charge randomly. In a word, the total power 300Q-500Q is constant. Therefore, the lifespan is related to the total charging power rather than the charging times. Besides, the difference between the influence of deep charging and discharging and the influence of light charging and discharging to lipo’s lifespan is similar.
In fact, light charging and light discharging benefit more to the lipo battery. Only when the lipo battery is calibrated by the product has the need to charge and discharge battery deeply. Therefore, we can use the lipo battery for convenience and do not have to concern about the lifespan.
If the 11.1v lipo battery is used above the regulated temperature (over 35 degree centigrade), the power will continuously decrease, which means the flight time would not be so long. If charged under the high temperature, the battery would be further damaged. It is unavoidable that storing under the high temperature will hurt the battery’s quality.
If using below the 4 degree centigrade, you would also find the flight time of the battery has been reduced, and even some original lipo batteries of mobile phones cannot be charged. But, this situation is just temporary. Differ from using in the high temperature, once the temperature gets higher and the molecules inside the battery are heated, the battery would recover to the normal energy.
To maximize the performance of lipo battery, we should use it more often and make the electron flow. If we cannot use the lipo battery frequently, please remember to make a charging cycle and calibrate it (charge and discharge deeply) every month.

Source: http://www.genstattu.com/blog/the-difference-between-li-ion-and-li-polymer-battery/

Best 6s lipo battery for sale from Tattu and Gens ace

Maybe you are wandering in the remote control world, and you are familiar with all parts of your hobby models. But how to choose the best 6s lipo battery for your UAV/500 600 RC HELI/FPV/RC hobby drones etc.? Here allows me to introduce the best 10000mah 6s lipo battery for sale from Tattu and Gens ace, which are professional battery for RC hobby and drones.

The range of 6s lipo discharge rate

Tattu and Gens ace 6s lipo battery packs have capacity from 15C battery to 75C battery, and more high C lipos will be produced. ALL of these high C lipos are beyond the bounds of multirotor, let FPV into the world of 3D flying, show high performance aircraft, and provide more power for you.

The range of 6s lipo capacity

Tattu and Gens ace 6s lipo battery packs have capacity from 1000mAh to 30000mAh, Stable automatic stacking technology endows single cell capacity of 30000mAh, higher than comparable size packs. High capacity, up to 30000mAh, will provide enough energy for your hobby models.

The wide applications of 6s lipo battery

Tattu and Gens ace 6s lipo battery packs are widely used in performance aircrafts such as RC heli 500 600 700 size (MIKADO LOGO500, ALIGN T-REX550/600, GAUI X5, Outrage 550, Hirobo SDX, etc), 180mm 250mm 280mm 310mm FPV Racing (Skylark M4-FPV250, INDY250 PLUS, Vortex, Emax Nighthawk 250, MOJO 280 etc) and big UAV drones such as DJI S800, S800EVO, Walkera QR X800, FreeFly CineStar 6, FreeFly CineStar 8, Freefly ALTA, etc.

Where to buy the best 6s lipo battery?

Here you come to the right place. Tattu and Gens ace 6s lipo battery for sale is via official online shop www.genstattu.com where has Local Service , Quality Assurance , Best Prices and Fastest Shipping. Free shipping over $49.99 in USA, Over $198 in Canada.

Source: http://www.genstattu.com/blog/best-6s-lipo-battery-for-sale-from-tattu-and-gens-ace/

Drone agriculture:Fixed Wing or Multi-Copter

How to choose a drone agriculture? Fixed Wing or Multi-Copter? Let’s do some simple comparisons fist.

Fixed Wing drone:Ag Eagle

Fixed wing drones like the AgEagle RAPID, and SenseFly eBee Ag are often preferred by farmers because they can spend more time in the air than a multi-rotor platforms like the DJI’s Matrice 100.That said, they are best suited for large, open-field scanning.And also Fixed wing drones often carry more payload than a multi-rotor which means more sensors and so more information can be captured in a single flight.

But Fixed wing drones are more expensive too, usually they cost $5,000 to $25,000 or more after being fitted with sensors.(compare with multicopter)


Endurance : fly as much as 10x longer and cover more geography in a single flight
Payload capacity: can carry more weight
Applications: larger selection of sensors


Cost: usually more expensive
Ease of Use: not as easy as a multirotor
Size: requires more space for storage and transport

Multi-Copter:DJI Agras MG-1:

Multi-rotor ag drones like DJI’s Matrice 100 are better-suited to precision imaging of small/constrained areas and 3D scanning of fields and objects, due to their maneuverability.
Flight times for quads and other multi-rotors are about 1/2 that of a fixed wing drone.

Payloads on many multi-rotors are less than fixed wings, so most only carry one or two sensors. As a result, covering an entire field can take twice as long as with a fixed wing.
Multi-rotor drones are generally cheaper than fixed wings, starting at around $1,500-$3,500 for a professional-grade camera drone with software for agriculture image processing.

The Best of Both Worlds

Rather than opting for one type of drone, some farmers and operators purchase less expensive versions of both.
A fixed wing drone is used for large open spaces where long, unobstructed straight-line passes are possible; and, a small inexpensive multi-rotor is used for spot-checking trouble areas more closely, for quick scouting missions and for handling area a plane cannot fly over.
Lots of farmers today start by buying a ready-to-fly quadcopter like DJI’s new Phantom 4.
After testing the ROI of drone surveying, they may upgrade to more expensive and less time-consuming solutions.
Pros and Cons(Compare to fixed wing):
There are many things that multi-rotor drones can do better, for example, when get into confined spaces,like cross a pedestrian path.they can hover over a specific area, what’s more, they need little space to take off and land.


Cost: Usually more cheaper.
Applications: really good at aerial photography and hi resolution video.
Easy to use.and also easy to replace the multicopter battery
Can hover,more agile.


Endurance: less flight time
Payload capacity: usually less weight
Customer service: little support if you are buying a consumer drone
Occasional bugs, is “fly away”
Battery is very important to drone agriculture .Here I’d also like to recommend a very popular lipo battery as below:



- Product Type: lipo battery packs
- Capacity: 16000mAh
- Voltage: 22.2V
- Max Continuous Discharge: 15C (240A)
- Max Burst Discharge: 30C(480A)
- Weight: 1985g
- Dimensions: 190*73*62 mm
- Balance Plug: JST-XHR
- Discharge Plug: XT150+AS150
- Charge Rate: 1-3C Recommended, 5C Max

Source: http://www.genstattu.com/blog/drone-agriculturefixed-wing-or-multi-copter/