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The Funny of Play RC Car games

I have access to the RC cars by accident and was deeply attracted by their glamour. This is a set of equipment with individual character appearance, high-tech configuration, super running speed, and high degree of simulation. Although it is not the carrier of my soul, it is a way of bailment of my dreams and memories.

1. What RC exactly is?

RC is the abbreviation of Radio Control. (Literally, it means remote Control or Radio Control.) RC covers a pretty wide range, such as RC cars, airplane models, boat models, and some military drones and battle droids. But we need to emphasis that children’s class remote control toys are not RC models.


2.What are the RC models?

RC models in general can be divided into the RC cars, RC airplane model, RC boats, RC robot and etc.

The RC cars, we introduce today, is easier to play, compared to the RC airplane model and RC boats. Because RC cars have no requirement for the airspace and water area, and the requirement for ground and site is relatively low. That is to say, as long as there is available ground, you can play your RC cars.

3. What are the differences between the RC model cars and RC toy cars?

Tens dollar remote control cars in the market is only kind of remote control toys, but not RC model cars. They have obvious differences with hundreds or thousands dollars RC model cars:
1>The running distance. RC model cars, belongs to the remote control, can run at least 100m; but remote control toy cars for children can run maximum about 20 meters.

2>The control modes are quite different. RC model cars is “proportion type manipulation”. What is “proportion of manipulation”? For example, we turn an angle of 15 degrees, and the wheels on the RC cars also rotate an angle of 15 degrees correspondingly; The accelerator trigger on the remote control is pulled 30%, then the power output in the RC cars is also 30%. But the RC toy cars adopt “switch mode”, which means that we cannot do precise instructions, and the steering and speed are only in “0%” or “100%” two states.

3>The mechanical principle and internal structure are also different. The RC model cars is the miniature versions of various real racing cars, so they have the same mechanical principle, suspension system, similar manipulate mode and amazing speed as super racing cars. But the ordinary RC toy cars do not have these characteristics.

4>The RC model cars can be assembled, maintained, refitted to update their configuration, but the ordinary RC toy cars can not be assembled, refitted or maintained in large.

4. What’s the fun for playing the RC model cars?

If you are a newbie, my answer would be that it can reach a starting speed as the a real racing car, and you can work with many actions like climbing, cross-country, drifting, tumbling and snapping.

For professional hobbyists, the biggest pleasure comes from the assembling, refitting, maintaining and studying the RC cars, share tips with teammates and the most, manipulating and conquer on the competitions.

5. How many kinds of power do RC model cars have?

The RC model cars have two main types of power: fuel and electric power. Fuel power RC cars use internal combustion engine as power output, the other use RC car batteries lipo /electric motor as power output. There are mainly 2 fuel power; one is gasoline, but not only gasoline, which is a mixture of gasoline and the 2-stroke gasoline engine oil; another is the synthesis of methanol. RC cars, powered by battery/electric motor, will generally use 7.4v lipo battery or nickel metal hydride battery. If use electric power properly and maintain carefully, it can be recharged and used for a long time. When compared the gasoline and methanol, there will be limit to buy gasoline from the gas station. In contrast, though the methanol mixing fuel can easily access, it would be relatively complex to use integrated methanol cars.

6.The price of RC model cars

The price of RC model car ranges from a few hundreds to thousands dollar. For the newbies who come into this area for the first time, I recommend the price from $350-$500, like the HPI, Horizon Hobby and the many high-end imported brands from US or Europe, which have good quality for entry-level. Some domestic brands also sell some fake high-end foreign brands, and Taiwan also has some high performance brands.

I would not recommend to buy low-price RC cars, because RC cars are high loss products and commonly work in high speed and violent movement. The components quality would not be ensured in low price. At the same time, I will not recommend you to spend 10000dollar or more to play and have fun in the very beginning. The fun of playing RC model cars is in the gradual process. Your skill will be updated according to the accumulation of knowledge and technology.





Charging is the Key to extend the battery’s lifespan. For getting the best flight time possible, charge your UAV battery right before you’re about to use it. “Freshly” charged batteries usually perform better than ones charged several days beforehand. Besides, when you are not about to fly, charge it only 60% of the way and store it in a safe place instead of fully charge it. And, NEVER OVERCHARGE. If the batteries are charging overly, they may ignite or even explode. It is dangerous and also detrimental to the battery’s lifespan.


Each time that you do this, you slowly wear down the lifespan of the battery. It is recommended that you fly your quad copter with no less than 3.5V. Once it dips to 3.5V, stop flying and give the battery a rest, then charge it for use next time.


When you fly your quadcopter in strong wind, your motors have to produce more thrust to maintain the flight, which requires more power conducted by batteries. Therefore, it is highly recommended to fly in a good weather or low wind.

RC battery-1


Nearly all RC drones come with various “Flight Modes” that you can switch by simply putting a button. The aggressive mode increases transmitter sensitivity and consume more electricity. Conversely, flying more conservatively consumes the power more slowly with a lower sensitivity. Try to fly conservatively when you are not racing!



Since the battery discharges faster while recording and shooting, you can turn on the camera and even remove the camera (if it is detachable) to slow down the pace of discharging. This may be helpful of prolong the battery’s lifespan.


The flyers are now purchasing more batteries, for use or for backup, to maintain a long flight time for their drone. Generally, spare batteries can be accessible easily and can be purchased on sites like:

These tips can make sense in extending the battery’s lifetime, but it is unrealistic to double the flight time. SO, taking good care of the gens ace 3s lipo battery and using it properly.


How to Choose the Best FPV LiPo Battery

FPV is more and more popular now among many RC hobbists and there are more and more newbies come into this hobby. Many new beginners write to us about how to begin and what are the most important point when flying FPV. Among all the questions, the best battery for FPV flight is very often asked.

Many Videos are now showing a battery that could be the best LiPo battery for long distance FPV flying. With the aide of FVP goggles, flying FPV is pretty exciting and real than any other RC drones or airplanes because of the goggles to see the real view in the first sight. Certainly, the spetacular speed of FPV is core for enjoying the FPV flight.

Usually the limiting component on an FPV aircraft for flight is the battery. In the past, I have used about 1300mAh, 45C and 3/4S for FPV, however, Tattu is the first UAV LiPo battery released Tattu 75C 1300mAh 4s LiPo Pack Battery, which get a very good popularity among clients. Certainly, Tattu have many batteries, but this time we will take this amazing one to see why it is so attractive.


Tattu 4S 1300 mAh 75C Li-Po Pack Battery
The 4S 14.8V 75c 1300mAh Lipo battery pack is a great choice for many small UAVs which require high discharge rates. This battery packs a ton of power in a compact form factor, giving you the flight time and power your need on your craft.
And the advantages is that Tattu LiPos are packed with vibration-proof & fire-proof material and luxury battery box. Make sure to get your battery in perfect condition. An automatic procedure & Computer system battery cell matching process ensures the batteries stability and quality. Different from the original Gens Ace series, TATTU is specialized for the UAV & UAS market, with their industrial quality (since Gens Ace is based on the Hobby area), their slogan “less is more”, “more” means more flight time, more enjoyment, and more satisfaction , and “less” means less weight, simple design. Tattu always develops their products according to these 2 directions giving you a high quality battery.
Tattu’s Stable automatic stacking technology enables single cell capacities of 1300mAh. This higher capacity than comparable size packs and without memory effect.

Tattu FPV battery provide high quality, reliable power for your FPV Nemesis 240 Mini, Skylark M4-FPV250, Mini Shredder 200, INDY250 PLUS, HOVERSHIP MHQ2(270), ZMR 250, Emax Nighthawk 250, Mini H, QAV250, QAV180/210, Danaus, Vortex 285, Mini H, FLIP FPV FRAME, Emax Nighthawk 250, ZMR 250, HOVERSHIP MHQ2, MOJO 280, etc.

Choose Tattu FPV battery, you will be surprised.More power, more flight time, and less weight.


What is the Basic FPV Equipment list?

At first,we can learn something from its definition,First-person view (FPV), also known as remote-person view (RPV), or simply video piloting, is a method used to control a radio-controlled vehicle from the driver or pilot’s view point. Most commonly it is used to pilot a radio-controlled aircraft or other type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The vehicle is either driven or piloted remotely from a first-person perspective via an on board camera, fed wireless to video FPV goggles or a video monitor. More sophisticated setups include a pan-and-tilt gimbaled camera controlled by a gyroscope sensor in the pilot’s goggles and with dual on board cameras, enabling a true stereoscopic view.


FPV Equipment

There are two primary components of a FPV setup: the airborne component and the ground component (typically called a ground station). A basic FPV system consists of a camera and an analogue video transmitter on the aircraft with a video receiver and a display on the ground. More advanced setups commonly add in specialized hardware, including on-screen displays with GPS navigation and flight data, stabilization systems, and autopilot devices with “return to home” capability-allowing the aircraft to fly back to its starting point autonomously in the event of a signal loss. Another common feature is the addition of pan and tilt capability to the camera, provided by servos. This, when coupled with video goggles and “head tracking” devices creates a truly immersive, first-person experience, as if the pilot was actually sitting in the cockpit of the RC aircraft.Receiving equipment-commonly referred to as the “Ground Station”-generally consists of an analog video receiver (matching the frequency of the transmitter on board the aircraft) and a viewing device. More complex Ground Stations often include a means to record the received image along with more sophisticated antennas for achieving greater range and clarity.
IN subdivision opinion ,FPV equipment list including: the carrier aircraft , antenna, video transmitter , video receiver,Gens ace 3s lipo batteries , image display memory , extended-range remote control , camera and others.

Carrier aircraft

Loading aerial equipment and systems used in aircraft.

Flight Control

Automatic flight when the aircraft is made by a computer -controlled automatic setting program intelligent flight .

Camera and Glasses

The most important parts of FPV, it is the necessary part to take the first view to the player.

FPV lipo Battery

It is the necessary energy to make the machine run and fly , of course, when selecting the corresponding models of battery ,we need to consider its rate , weight, capacity , etc., which will affect more or less FPV flight time and the results.

FPV is a flied that aims more to the feeling of exciting and competition,most of the players like to make their FPV by themselves (DIY),but as we all know all the things can be made by themselves only except the batteries,which leads us to do more to adapt to the change of the FPV making trends.Nowadays,more and more people like to make their machine lighter,so the popular batteries tends to the lighter ones,such as from the 2300mah battery to the 1300mah 75c 4s battery,or even smaller one.


The need for real-time control model aircraft aircraft , in addition to the direct signal is received by the radio characteristics of any way other than to improve the distance is not reliable, even though the long-wave wave diffraction ability, still constrained by the space environment , it is instability

Cradle Head

A photographic aerial photography or photographic connecting means adaptation . That camera or video camera and tripod connected devices.


The heart of UAV is lipo battery

The full name of the battery used in the aerial photography is called Li-polymer battery (also known as high molecule lithium battery) and Li-battery for short. Li-polymer battery is a new-type battery and has the obvious advantage of high density, small size, ultrathin, light weight, high safety, low cost and so forth.

These years, the aerial photography, using UAVs,the UAV Battery comes to the public. Its irregular shooting perspectives, convenient operations and simple structure have gain the applause countlessly from video creation organizations, and even this technology has stepped into the ordinary families.


At present, the mainstream of UAVs aerial photography are multi-rotor, helicopter and fixed-wing. According to their structure, the fixed-wing can fly for long time, but the fixed-wing demand highly skill of taking off and landing on. It could only be used in the mapping and other fields which do not require high image quality, since it cannot hover in the air. However, although the multi-rotor and helicopter have comparatively short flight time, as the most types of aircraft in the video creation, they can take off and land on the complex terrain, fly stably, hover, strong ability of wind resistance, be easy to operate. These two types of aircraft mainly use the battery to provide power, and helicopter can use the gasoline-drive engine as well. But people reduce the use frequency of gasoline-driven engine due to the mechanical vibrate and the more flight risk. Naturally, the usage of battery spreads widely in the UAVs photography. A team prepares at least tens of any sort of batteries. The batteries provide power tirelessly for the motor, electric regulator, flight control, OSD, image transmission, receiver, remoter, controller and other electric parts of the aircraft. In order to fly well and safe and shoot successfully, it is reasonable to know the parametric of battery, usage, maintenance, charge and discharge and so forth. And now, let us know more about the battery, the crucial part of aerial photography.

From its shape, Li-polymer battery has the characterization of ultrathin, which could meet the need of any product, produced into any shape and any capacity. The external package is made of aluminum plastic. Being different from the metal case of liquid li-battery, the internal quality problem can be presented in time from the distortion of the package, such as bulging.

Let us move to the basic parametric of battery. Take 22.2V 10000mah lipo battery as an example; six Li-cells, which has the rated voltage of 3.7V, capacity of 10000mah, are put in series to form the battery. In other words, the 6S1P and 6S2P battery is formed of 12 5000mah lipo battery in series and in parallel. To be more specific, 6S1P is more safe than the 6S2P, because the 1P has more simple structure than 2P and more expensive.


Among the Li-battery of model, the rated voltage of single cell is 3.7V, which is gained from the average working voltage. The actual voltage of single Li-cell is 2.75-4.2V. The capacity labelled on the Li-battery is the voltage which discharges from 4.2V to 2.75V. Li-battery should be used in the range from 2.75V to 4.2V. If the voltage is below 2.75V, the battery is recognized as over-discharged, and the chemical liquid inside will crystallize. The crystallization may puncture the inside structure layer and cause short circuit, even change the voltage of Li-battery to zero. During charging, it is deemed as over-charged if the voltage of single cell is above 4.2V. The inside chemical reaction is too much fierce, and the Li-battery would bulge and then burn if charge continuously. Therefore, it is a must to use the formal chargers which conforms with the safety standard. Besides, self-refit is prohibited since this may cause serious consequence.

Cautions: Do not use the single cell of aerial photography power battery to 2.75V, because this battery cannot provide the effective battery to aircraft. To guarantee the safe flight, the single warning voltage can be set as 3.6V. If reaching or being close to this voltage, the pilot must return or land to avoid the explosion as possible due to the insufficiency of voltage.

Till now, there are numerous brands and sorts of Li-battery for model, we should match and find the battery according to the need of power, so that the electrical elements can run successfully. Please do not buy the unqualified and cheap battery, do not buy the cell and make the battery on your own, and do not refit the battery. If the battery bulges, breaks, cannot be fully charged and any other problems, please stop using at once. Although the 2200mah lipo battery is the consumable, it provides the power for the flight. It should take time to attach importance to it, know more about it, take good care of it, and then the UAV battery can provide and guarantee our every flight task better and safer.


Lipo battery overcharge is the enemy of the rechargeable battery

Accident caused by Lipo battery itself is extremely low. The 26th International Battery Seminar & Exhibit, held in March 2009 in Florida , Sandia National Laboratories announced the probability of accidents caused by the battery itself in less than 1ppm. Engaged in battery safety measures U.S. TIAX LLC said the probability of accidents in between 0.2 ~ 0.5ppm, exceeding the quality administrative limit “Six Sigma”.

Probability of 1ppm is very low and it can be called a rare phenomenon. The probability of dying by lightning in the United States is about 1ppm within a year. In Japan probability of getting lottery jackpot is 0.1ppm. That is to say probability of accidents caused by their own defects of lipo battery probability is slightly higher than a jackpot, the same as death by lightning. This is because multiple safety measures have been taken for the 2200mah lipo battery.

However, the probability of accidents of lipo battery is much higher than the number of ppm level. This is because most accidents are not caused by a defect of the battery itself, but external factors. In the aforementioned Institute, SNL represented the vast majority of the cause of the accident is extrusion, heating, overcharge and so on.

In fact, few people know these situations. Until now, the main reason for many accidents also views as the flaws of cell itself. Japan Battery Industry Association recently proposed test method to test whether the metal sheet into the battery would threat security of battery. The specific method is to insert metal sheet in the element of battery after winding it. We investigated whether heat, smoke, fire and so on would happen through the loading pressure to force the metal sheet and caused internal short circuit. This is because there is an allegation that “in the manufacturing process lipo battery mixed metal sheet will become an internal short circuit fuse, eventually lead to the accident.”


Most accidents from improper use of the lipo battery

Most manufacturers have implemented essentially same test. The representative is Penetrating with nail after charging called penetrating battery with nail .On this basis, if the battery mixed with metal and other impurities, causing weak internal short-circuit, it should be able to be filtered through aging tests. That means the possibility of defective batteries as commodities into the market is very low. It is doubtful that the test proposed by Test Battery Industry is in fact repeating the same test.

Of course, there is no internal short circuit even when manufactured but during the process of using it the battery is also entirely possible getting internal short circuit. We assume that during the time of charging the cell electrode generate dendritic metal, causing an internal short circuit. The main reason for this failure is twofold.

Now, during the process of manufacturing, measures have been taken to completely remove moisture. Such as a drying for a variety of materials. The most important step is to dry the negative carbon which is easily to absorb water. Let the electrolyte through dehydration column to remove trace moisture. And the manufacturing need to be set at a dew point of -60 to -40 in drying chamber. For insurance purposes, after winding elements of battery. It will be dried again in a vacuum dryer.

Taking comprehensive countermeasures means that even the slightest error in the process of manufacturing can cause the battery itself as the major cause of accidents. Therefore, lipo battery manufacturers must bear in mind, it does not allow a trace of slack in the process of battery manufacturing.

However, no matter what battery manufacturers do carefully in the manufacturing process to increase security, users do not use it correctly, accidents will not be prevented. Like SNL and TIAX pointed out, compared with battery itself defect, the possibility of external factors causing the accident is much greater.

lipo battery overcharge is the enemy of the rechargeable battery

What is the correct way to use of batteries? The most important is to avoid overcharging. Trace overcharge may also cause smoke or fire and other accidents. For example, FUJITSU TECHNO RESEARCH has done experiments conducted on batteries under 4.25V and 4.30V voltage. charge the battery and do “squeeze test” and “wearing nail test”. The results, 4.25V charging lipo battery is no problems while the 4.30V charging 3s 11.1v lipo battery appeared smoke and fire. The difference between a mere 50mV, there is likely to lead to a major accident.

Gensace &Tattu battery Official Online Shop:

Instruction of Lipo Battery For FPV

Thank you for using Gens ace&Tattu FPV battery. To avoid the unnecessary lost, please read the instruction of lipo battery for FPV carefully before using the product,.

Lipo Battery For FPV Attentions

a)When you get this product, please check whether there is abrasion, break, distortion and any other sort of phenomenon;
b)Please use small current (0.5C is recommended) to discharge the power on your charger more than twice before using this product (The common chargers for FPV all have this function.);
c)Please guarantee that the charger is qualified before using this product (The charger would be some problems to varying degrees after long-time usage.);
d)Please guarantee that there should be someone around whencharging the product. If there is abnormality, please stop charging; if there is nobody, the battery should be taken out in order to avoid the unexpected danger and lost;
e)Turning on the timer on the FPV remoter is strongly recommended. If the product can use for 5 mins, we suggest to set the time for 4 mins to ensure that the battery would not be over-discharged and to ensure the lifespan and safety (the safety voltage for batteries product);
f)The temperature of the product is comparatively high after releasing power. Please wait for the battery cool down to room temperature and then charge the battery (charge above zero centigrade);
g)Please do not store or charge the battery product under sunshine, because the high temperature (above 35 degree centigrade) will cause the product damage or negatively influence the performance;eg:Tattu 2s 7.4v lipo battery use the Professional laboratory to storage it.
h)Please avoid storing the product under full power. The internal chemical reaction inside the full-power lithium battery is very active.Keeping the battery fully charged, although the voltage would not lower, the actual chemical reaction will become slow and the platform for releasing the power declines, so the performance of the lithium battery is not so good as before. (Just like a rubber ring, if it is highly tight for a long time, the elasticity will be influenced.) Therefore, the fully-charged lithium battery is better used in 24 hours. The voltage should be kept in 3.7-3.9V when not in use for long.
i)Please do not exert external force to the product, let it fall from high, self-disassemble and self-refit;
j)Please do not short out the wires of anode and cathode without the drain plug, to avoid accident;
k)Please place the product away from the children;
l)Please place the product away from the water and fire source;
m) Please hold the product correctly (as the picture below);


Lipo Battery For FPV Storage and disposal method

a)When you store the product over three months, please charge and discharge the power in low current (0.5C) more than once;
b)When there is voltage difference in every single product in the product test, please deal with it according to the storage period as listed below;


c)When you find the bulging of the product, please stop using the product, since the bulging will influence the normal usage and have certain danger; the bulged product could not be disposed in cold storage or pricked and deflate. This method would have bulging when the product discharges power. The product can be used in slight bulging carefully, but please stop using if the product bulges seriously.
d)The storage temperature for lithium battery is 25±10 degree centigrade, and 25 degree centigrade is in common. The short-term storage can be below 45 degree centigrade.

Thank for reading the instruction of lipo battery for FPV,and thanks again you use Gens ace &Tattu FPV battery.Enjoy!


How To Extend Your Drone Battery Lifespan?

With the high science and technology development, the price of drone is lower and lower but it’s more and more advanced. However, there is a big problem-battery lifespan all hobbists face when flying drones. To all the batteries and drones manufacturers surprised, the short lifespan problems caused mostly by the pilots careless and ignorant management, and have no idea about how to protect and extend the batteries lifespan.

Then how to extend your drones battery lifespan? Here we go:

TIP 1: Never overcharge your battery

Lipos (the types of batteries on most drones) are serious business. They are highly volatile, prone to damage and can cause fires. Despite highly responsible ownership, a lipo battery is still thought to be the cause of a fire that burned down an RC shop in San Diego, and numerous videos show other accidents involving lips. And fire caused when they are charging without paying attention to its charge state.If you let them alone to charge for a long time, it’s likely that they can explode and result in a fire. The first stages of overcharging will cause your battery to puff up, become swollen or otherwise misshapen. If your battery appears puffy, responsibly dispose of the battery immediately.

So overcharging is potentially dangerous, and also do harm to your drone battery life extremely. So never over charge them till spontaneously ignited, then all things will get terribly horrible.

TIP 2: Charge your battery in time

You can’t let your battery drain automatically without any care and charge your drone’s battery right before you’re about to use it. It can ruin your battery when has empty capacity for a long time. So even you won’t use them for a long time, you need to charge them periodically. But don’t fully charge the battery. Instead, charge it only 60% of the way and store it in a safe place. Then, when you’re ready to fly, finish charging it to maximum capacity.


At the same time, you need to get a good charger which fit your battery a lot. Charge times tend to be relative to the capacity of the battery. You can shorten charge time by using a charger with a higher output, which is indicated by amps. For example, the DJI Phantom 2 charger is 2 amps and it will take 1h to 1.5h to charge the battery. Using an aftermarket charger that charges at 6 amps would cut down the charge time by over half. Proceed with caution when charging your drone battery.

TIP 3: Get seperated drone battery

This tip why it’s better to get seperated battery for your drones is because that even one battery damaged or worn, it doesn’t have an impact on the other batteries. Then it will reduce losses cost and protect your drones better. This will in other way to extend your battery lifespan. Obviously that many drone makers including DJI and Yuneec have recently started using seperated “Smart Batteries” for their drones, which can not only meaning every battery is respectively seperated, but also display remaining battery capacity. Additionally, power management is handled internally so the battery doesn’t require a separate balance lead to control charging. Tattu Smart battery is highly recommended to you.


Tip 4: Choose a larger capacity battery

Most drones will equipped with a lower or mid capacity battery to reduce the cost in that drone. These batteries usually do not offer a long flight time or are made up of good high quality rechargeable cells. So we recommend to go at least the next higher or two steps up in capacity in your drone than what was supplied originally. However one thing to keep in mind here is to pay attention to the weight of the battery and make sure to not add to much weight.

Tip 5: Reduce the whole drone’s weight

You can install the camera to the drone when it is needed. If you are just flying your drone to enjoy it and not trying to capture any video then leave the camera off. The camera will not only add more weight but it also drains the battery due to it needing to be powered to run. And the reducing weight will reduce the harm when drones fall down.

The above tips for protecting battery life and drones are very important to us, or the battery is easily damage or dead in a short time. And buy a good quality brand like Gens ace 3s lipo, Bonka or Turnigy is very important to have a longer lifespan.

Consider You To Insight In to the UAV Terms

Are you currently from time to time come to feel baffled when see some right nouns about UAV?Do you actually get what they suggest inevitably?Now we are going to consider some pretty frequent UAV terms to describe and realize them deeply.


The term UAS(unmanned aircraft procedure)contains the drone and any ground and remote techniques which can be utilized to regulate the flight with the car which include software package programming.


A drone or a UAV,which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle,could be produced in the kind of a helicopter,an airplane,or multirotor.So,by preferred terminology, any motor vehicle that flies and doesn’t possess a pilot within the cockpit manually steering it could be a drone.It might be controlled by a human through a remote or by pre-programmed computer system software.are sometimes preferred for missions that happen to be too”dull, dirty or dangerous”for manned aircraft.They’ve got and therefore are typically found in military and specific operation applications.Though,UAVs are increasingly acquiring makes use of in civil and recreational applications,this kind of as policing and surveillance, aerial filming,and drone racing.Frequently,UAV(14.8v lipo battery) could be the exact same which means as drone.


A helicopteris a sort of rotorcraft in which lift and thrust are provided by rotors.This allows the helicopter to vertical take-off and landing(VTOL),and to fly forward,backward,and laterally.These attributes permit helicopters to become utilised in congested or isolated regions,which suggests that it doesn’t have large necessity for the working area.It could possibly be controlled by a human by way of a remote or by pre-programmed personal computer computer software.


A multirotor or multicopter is usually a rotorcraft with greater than two rotors.An advantage of multirotor aircraft could be the easier rotor mechanics essential for flight control. As opposed to single- and double-rotor helicopters which use complicated variable pitch rotors whose pitch varies as the blade rotates for flight stability and manage,multirotors frequently use fixed-pitch blades;management of automobile movement is attained by varying the relative pace of every rotor to alter the thrust and torque produced by each.

As a result of their ease of the two building and manage,multirotor aircraft are commonly made use of in radio handle aircraftand UAV projects during which the names tricopter, quadcopter,hexacopter and octocopter are regularly utilised to refer to 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-rotor helicopters,respectively.

Fixed Wing Aircraft(Airplane)

A fixed-wing aircraft is surely an aircraft,this kind of as an aeroplane,which can be capable of flight using wings that produce lift brought on from the vehicle’s forward airspeed plus the form on the wings.Fixed-wing aircraft are distinct from rotary-wing aircraft,in which the wings kind a rotor mounted on the spinning shaft,by which the wings flap in very similar method to a bird.Fixed-wing aircraft’s landing and taking-off desires a lot more open area.


First-person see (FPV),also known as remote-person see (RPV),or simply video piloting,is usually a process utilized to control a radio-controlled automobile from your driver or pilot’s see level.Most frequently it truly is utilized to pilot a radio-controlled aircraft or other style of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).The automobile is either driven or piloted remotely from a first-person viewpoint via an onboard camera.When use FPV,the perdon will put on a pair of committed glasses,and people today can see the view simultaneously from the camera from the FPV(FPV battery).

All above UAV I stated are electrical but not fuel variety,so they need battery to support for operating.The battery I pick is 2 cell lipo batteries,whose excellent and support is superb.Have a test,my pal!

How To Reduce The Potential Risk Of Drones?

The low-cost of buying and operating remotely piloted aircraft (drones) for commercial use has opened up a world of opportunity. With drones uses emerging in search and rescue, surveying, crop dusting and even deliveries, accidents, injuries and the potential for lawsuits are bound to follow. Some businesses are beginning to look at opportunities to revolutionize how basic services and dangerous tasks might be performed in the future. However, to revolutionize drones and make it more widely used, solving the potential risk of drones is the first and foremost task.


1. Natural Environment

Drones should avoid flying in complex terrain as far as possible to ensure the safety problem. We can’t fly drones in storm, high temperature and high humidity, rainy, cold or windy days. But on the other hand, many dangerous missions can be only done by drones.Then we need to adjust our mind, after all, the pilot’s life is far more important than drone’s.

2. Safety by design

The responsibility of safe drone use does not just fall on the user. Manufacturers have recognised the importance of technology in developing drone safety.

The spareparts like flight control system, motors, prepellers, ESC and esc. Parts made by manufacturers should be in stable quality that they won’t easily broken, spcially in flying. And the drones battery used are supposed to be in good quality and condition, or the drone would drop down once the battery cann’t work and support it. A good 22.2v lipo battery like Tattu,Turnigy with excellent and stable and they are lighter, so they are well recommended here for you.


3. Misoperation

When flying in the sky, drones need to be operated and controlled by pilots on the ground. Cause drones autopilot cannot think, the flying track is completely controlled by command of ground pilots.

To avoid errors caused by accident, on the one hand, the flight control system should be made more intelligent and has alarm function to the wrong operation.On the other hand, pilots should also improve operating level to fly more stable and professional.

4. Reduce the weight

Weight is one of the most effective way to reduce the potential risk of drones. This will come true with the emerging of light-duty and miniaturization of equipments and materials. On the other hand, multirotors equipped with parachute is another good choice to reduce the impact when drones falling.

5.Set no-fly zone

Geo-fencing, is an on-board GPS and mapping system (also known as “cyber fences”) which prevents drones from flying into restricted airspace. There is a recognised need at the European Commission to encourage investment in technologies that are required to integrate drones into the aviation systems covering European airspace.

As long as no flying in the densely populated areas, a drone’s crash won’t cause a severe damage to human. But in the densely populated area, the negative impact of drone’s crash will increase greatly. Without special approval, drones should not be flying in the densely populated are which will result in life risks. In addition, in the sparsely area, pilots can send massage to surrounding people to improve safety coefficient.

To improve drones’ safety and efficiency is the first step for more widely and variety used in many areas, so it requires manufacturers and hobbists effort together. Keep in mind the above 5 points, we will fly and enjoy our hobby in a more pleasant and safely environment.