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My inspiration from uav

The unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is real a hot news now, media editors also in naturally follow suit hype unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Generally speaking, the news the hype in the two aspects of content: 1, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is very cheap, ordinary consumers can buy. 2, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is very powerful, it is a legendary weapons, can eliminate the terrorists such as ants.

“I want to fly higher”

The relative height of flight for the performance of the common uav users are not important, for most purposes are fly in low altitude and even “stick”, even aerial couldn’t fly too high, because you can not see the ground clearly when you fly too high. But the flight altitude for the purpose of the plateau region is a very important parameter.

The air in high altitude is thin, on the one hand, it will drop the efficiency of the propeller ; On the other hand, it will drop the efficiency of power system. The fuel power unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) generally use the naturally aspirated two-stroke engine currently , with the air of the thin air intake reduced efficiency, dynamic nature also will drop at the same time, because the boiling point of pressure drop in gas also drops, to a certain height will boil although in normal temperature.

“I want to fly farther than ever”

The majority of users concerned about the uav flight activities of the radius, this is also a important indicator. But flying range can not bigger as you want, there are two aspects restricting the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight radius : mechanical limit radius with radio control of the plane.

Because of Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) itself limitation of life, its flight radius is limited. Especially electric rotor, the mission flight time is only about 20 minutes, and then consider the time of land and take off, flight control radius is generally at about 1 km.

Some people think of 3g or 4g mobile network can used to implement similar via “star” effect, but it is a pity that even leaving high price of data traffic, there also have a problem on its feasibility. On the one hand, the planar maps for mobile network is the base station of a circle round the honeycomb, junction signal-blind area,it is obvious during flight; On the other hand, from the three-dimensional space, mobile network based on base station signal tower as the center of umbrella cover down, mobile network signal work well in the earth’s surface, even better in the blind area in the air.

“I want to fly longer”

There is no doubt that flight life is a very important index for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). In many cases, for the mechanical part of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) itself, the radius of restricting the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight relative height is the most important factor.

normally: no matter for a uav or a man-machine, energy is the main restriction.

For electric uavs, the life of 2200mah lipo battery is even limit. Especially for multiple rotor, due to the response of the motor quickly and easy to control, electric is the ‘Gospel’. But on the other hand electric is an enormous problem that restrict its battery life.

As the carrier of electricity is the 22.2v lipo battery, but the weight of battery is heavy, so the increasing batteries wii not increases the power, but can be seen as a function extremum problems.

“I want to fly no matter rain or shine”

Can uav resist wind?

The resistance of wind for uav is relatively good, because of its low center of gravity and lifting point on the top, even if the wind is big,it also may not be a problem. Windy, of course, the risk will increase , just like if the road is too bad even tanks will afraid of tipping.

Can uav prevent the rain?

Of course not!the electronic equipment of uav, especially of the steering gear, calorific value is big, the better rain-proof the worse heat dissipation. So even the oil helicopters can only fly shortly in the rain,you can fly to return if it rained suddenly but do not try to fly in the rain.

About Newbies Getting Started with Fly Device

Now it’s very common to see many people like remote control aircraft , and there are more and more newbies start with it.So I’d like to give some ideas and suggestions on flight equipment to you, hope it can do some help.

About the budget

When many people talk about remote control aircraft, they talk about” how far it can fly, how high it can fly, and how much of it……” About these questions, I think how much you could spend on an RC aircraft depends on your economic situation:
In the case of without abundant money, it is recommended that you can DIY an aircraft yourself, and DJI is the best choice for beginners. For example, I can fly with APM open source control system to the average effect of the DJI control system,but it requires strong handling ability and secondary development of software ability. If you think it’s too troublesome, you can choose commercial finished-product flight control system. If you want to be engaged in commercial fly tasks, then the first thing to consider is the reliability when selecting the aircraft, and prices is the second thing.


In the context of current price of the aircraft, if you want to play in entertainment level, then you need to prepare at least ¥5000-5000. Don’t just look at the price of the aircraft, but pay attention to its incidental consumption, such as batteries, etc.

About Choice of Aircraft

First of all,you need to make it clear that fly as a hobbyist or fly for commercial use? If you just fly for entertainment, there are many choices for you. If it is commercial, then the vital point is the reliability of your aircraft.


Compared to helicopter, multirotor is just easier for starting, as for whether you can fly good or not depends on your own.And reliability, there is no 100% completely reliable device, at this point, you need to fly frequently to improve your own skill, maintenance the device regularly, which can effectively minimize the accident probability.

For what multirotor aircraft you should choose, if you are a hobbyist, I suggest to choose quadcopter, it can fly flexibly, take photos and video, it’s good for fun.If you want to make commercial aircraft photography, then you can decide to choose the devide by what camera you will use and the take-off weight.

About Choice of Remote Control Device

A reliable remote control device is one of the guarantees of your safe flight. You can choose the world’s three largest remote control device:Futaba, JR and Sanwa, and these non-mainstream remote control devices Hitec, Graupner are also very reliable.


About Battery and Charger

Now it’s the era of lithium battery, so we don’t talk about the related knowledge about Nicd and NiMH battery at present. Lithium battery is generic terms, the common lithium battery including Lilon battery, 22.2v LiPo battery and LiFe batteries.

It’s very common to see LiPo and LiFe battery in the remote control model. For example, the most popular electric cars-TESLA,equipped with more than 7000 pieces 18650 encapsulated Lilon battery. Our aviation model use LiPo batteries most, which has 4 basic parameters:the battery voltage & how many cells, battery capacity, continuous discharge ratio, and charging ratio.


The battery voltage general use “V” as the basic unit, a single LiPo battery’s voltage is 3.7 V, if it is in series connection, then the total voltage of battery pack=single cell’s voltage * series connection cells amount.The series connection cells use”S” as basic unit,for example:6S means 6 cells in series connection,so total 22.2V.


Battery capacity general use”mAh” as the basic unit, a larger capacity battery,its discharge time will correspondingly increase, but volume and weight also increases.

Continuous discharge ratio is used to describe the maximum discharge capacity of a battery, generally use”C” as the basic unit, then the maximum discharge current, the maximum discharge ratio is related with the battery capacity.The calculate method is: discharge current (A) = battery ratio C X [battery capacity (mAh) / 1000 ], such as a piece of battery’s capacity is 5000 mAh, continuous discharge ratio is 45 C, then the battery maximum discharge current is 225 A.


Somebody said: “A device with 25 C batteries can be normal used, but it will burn the ESC when use 35 C batteries”, this statement is wrong. The system total current depends on the overall system load and fixed consumption, so it has nothing to do with the battery, the battery parameters only describes the discharge capacity of a battery, but not to say that once you connect the battery, then the battery’s maximum current start output. Therefore, choose a battery depends on the the whole system’s requirement, and match the parameters according to the system’s requirement.
On the market, the battery quality and price is various, here I would recommend our hobbyists choose battery with big brands and high reliable like Gens ace 3s lipo, Hyperion and so on. For myself, I use Gens ace & Tattu batteries, who with high performance, excellent quality and terrific after-service. They are worthy of recommendation,more about batteries: .


Above are the choose of fly device I recommend, I wish you have a good time.

Four things you need to know to start FPV racing

FPV drone racing has become a very popular activitiy recently worldwide.There are many asks about FPV drone racing. Here I will write a article about some things you need to know to start FPV drone racing.

Start Transmitting Video&Video Camera

There are pretty much options for frequency choice but the most popular one for newbies is 5.8Ghz. It easy to get start an have fun without getting into trouble. 5.8Ghz has many nice channels to choose and you can buy a lot of different FPV related items for this frequency.Most FPV cameras available today are primarily from the video surveillance & security industry and work very as well for FPV due to the small size and good low light capabilities.If you are afraid of soldering or getting your wiring well connected then you can buy a all in one unit. These are video cameras with built in FPV transmitters .


Some famous FPV cameres:RunCam 2 Full HD Camera,SONY CMQ1993X HD Camera,etc

Select Your Video Transmitter

There are a lot of video transmitters available on the market today each with its own frequency,antennas and etc.

You should know not more power is better ,too much power can interfere not only with your gear but your friends signal too if you are flying in with friends. I suggest you start with with 25 to 200mW video transmitter.

And you should know FPV video transmitters are not your 2.4Ghz RC transmitter. They can’t frequency hop. You need to set the video transmitter to a channel and make sure the video receiver are in the same channel. If anyone else if flying FPV you have to make sure you aren’t on their channel!

A good antennas is very important

Your FPV system is only as good as your antennas. Most start using what comes with most video transmittersand receivers.a simple omni directional linear polarized whip antenna set which, depending on your frequency, can give very poor performance.


Practice&fly safely

When flying a FPV drone, the pilot sees from the aircraft’s perspective, and even not need to look at the FPV drone. So the FPV aircraft can fly well beyond visual range, it’s only limited by the range of the remote control and video transmitter.

Where is it safe to fly FPV? I would hope that most people would agree it’s dangerous that flying over largely populated areas, busy highways, and other areas of high population density,especially for beginners,you should choose a sparsely populated areas.Parking garages and forests are also perfect venue?for drone racing enthusiasts.So first make sure you get a proper FPV and good place to fly,then take someone with you who’s experieced with FPV racing.Do not attempt to fly 2 miles away from yourself, with headtracking, in high winds, near sunset, on your very first FPV flight! That is of course an exaggeration. However, FPV flying is entirely different than line-of-sight flying. You get a completely different perspective, and during your first flights, it is very easy to become disoriented. it takes practice, practice, practice.



I used voltage alarms on my planes and on my goggles. Losing power is not good and neither is ruining a 2 cell lipo battery.Tattu 1300mah 4s lipo,this is maybe the most popular battery for FPV racing recently.


I suggest you to learn from someone who’s experienced with flying FPV. It will make you learn faster, easier and have more fun.

Fly safely!!This is the first principle!

Have fun!

The differences between Smart Battery And Ordinary Battery

The DJI new-released M600 brings big breakthrough to the all UAV Area. Not only the A3’s self-adaptive flight systems and new RONIN-MX is , but also the pretty long flight time supported by six smart batteries.


It introduces that a customized battery management system and power distribution board allows all six batteries to be turned on with one button press, and keeps the system in flight in the event of a failure of a single battery, and allows users to check the battery status in real-time during flight.

As we all know, M100 has adopted smart batteries to support the big heavy device for more professional aerial photography and longer time and distance using. Then what are the differences between Smart Battery and Ordinary Battery, why they are more and more widely used in the electronic ndustry?

1. Definition

A smart battery/A smart battery system(SBS) is a rechargeable battery pack equipped with a built-in battery management system. The smart battery can internally measure voltage and current, and deduce charge level and SoH (State of Health) parameters, indicating the state of the cells, calculated and predicted information to its SMBus Host under software control.

A basic SBS including 3parts:System Host,Smart Charger and Smart Battery.

1.1 Advantages

Ordinary Battery

Ordinary Batteries are illusive and do not exhibit visible changes as part of usage from both the user’s and the equipment’s perspective. It looks the same when fully charged or empty, new or old and in need of replacement. A very big defect is that they represent an unpredictable source of power.

Firstly, a user has little knowledge that their battery is about to run out or how much operating time is left.

Secondly, equipment powered by the battery cannot determine if the battery, in its present state, is capable of supplying adequate power for an additional load (such as spinning up a hard disk) or not.

Smart Battery

The Smart Battery presents an ideal solution for many of the issues related to batteries used in portable electronic equipment.

The Smart Battery provides the user with accurate state of charge information along with an accurate prediction of the remaining operating time.


It also Provides state-of-charge and full charge capacity; reflects capacity estimations; records battery history; including cycle count, usage pattern, maintenance requirements, max error, etc; configures charger to the correct algorithm; reminds user of periodic service; protects 2200mah lipo battery from unauthorized use; and to prevent accidental system cut-off.

This is why smart battery is more and more popular and widely used.

An excellent smart battery brand-Tattu plus, also have all these advantages when using on your drones.

1.2 Charger

Ordinary Batteries chargers : It must be individually tailored for use with a specific battery size and chemistry and may cause damage if used on another battery.

Smart Battery Charger: It periodically communicates with a Smart Battery and alters its charging characteristics in response to information provided by the Smart Battery(lipo 3s voltage).

1.3 Defects

The Smart Battery will add 25% to the cost when compared to a Ordinary Battery.

It complicates the charger, most chargers for intelligent batteries are hybrid and also service for non-intelligent batteries.Requires periodic calibration.

Compared with the Smart Battery’s disadvantages, it has more and valuable features.We believe in the future, people will creat more progressived technology on Smart Battery and overcome the price and other problems step by step.

What Are LiHV Batteries?

liHV batteries also called high voltage lipos have been around for years. With a new chemistry composition matrix, these batteries are allowed to be safely charged to 4.35V, and this is higher than the typical nominal voltage of 4.20V lipos. In the world of RC hobbyists, they might want to find every possible way to change and get their models more powerful or longer running time. However, this article aims at knowing the differences, advantages and disadvantages between the standard lipo batteries and LiHV batteries mainly on RC field.


LiHV batteries are more than just having higher end volt comparing to standard 14.8v lipo battery. There are less possibility of a puffing liHV. Besides, LiHV batteries have the same performance as standard lipos when they are charged to 4.2V, but higher capacity when they are charged higher than 4.25V. Further more, they do not have the same internal resistance. LiHV has a lower internal resistance compared with the standard one.


Here below is the discharge graph between the single cell of the standard 3s 2200mah Lipo and LiHV battery.


Pros of using a LiHV battery

Obviously, the higher end voltage may give your RC models more power, and the research done by others shows that the capacity of the LiHV battery are also increased, so there are more capacity available for longer runtime. LiHV batteries are lighter than the standard batteries. Further more, the lower internal resistance of the LiHV battery would make more power through the entire discharge. From the discharge gragh, we can see that the whole curve of the LiHV is relatively higher than the standards.

Cons of using a LiHV battery

The requisition of LiHV battery to gain the additional available capacity is relatively more complex. When you are charging these two kinds of batteries with your charger, you have to charge them to 4.2V, then take the “standards” out, set HV to the charger, then initiate another charge cycle to bring the HV packs to full charge. This extra hassle may prove to be more trouble than it’s worth to gain a few extra seconds with each drive/flight. Besides, you may need to buy a new charger for the LiHV. So I would prefer to buy a higher capacity battery instead of charging it. Exceeding 4.2v/cell limit as damage could be done to your receivers, servos or transmitters. From the discharge graph, the stability of the standard lipo is better than the LiHV battery.

In conclusion, although LiHV batteries are relatively better compared with standard lipo in many ways. But for now, I would use lipo batteries and choose higher capacity batteries instead. But What will the future of the batteries be like? Let’s look into the future of the batteries.

Do you have any ideas about FPV racing?

First-person view (FPV), also known as?remote-person view (RPV), is a method used to control a radio-controlled vehicle?from the driver or pilot’s view point. Most commonly it is used to pilot a radio-controlled aircraft?or other type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The new sport of drone racing sees small but very fast airplane fly around a circuit littered with obstacles. Compare to any motorsports we are familiar with, the course of a drone race can be three-dimensional.The pilots stay on the ground but they fly with a view as if they were sitting in the aircraft. This technique is known as first-person-view(FPV).

Any model airplans can be modified for FPV. The two most popular choices are Fixed Wing and Multirotors.Parking garages?and forests are also perfect venue for drone racing enthusiasts,

An affordable sport

Nearly all of the required components are relatively cheap and easy to get. This is the exact opposite of most motor sport.

The main elements of a drone racing set-up are the drone itself,

Usually you only need:

4 motors


1 RC transmitter and receiver

1 Flight controlle

1 Lipo battery Tattu 3s 1300mah lipo

250 Quadcopter frame


Assorted tools


All of these components are easy to get on online shop.

A cheap FPV drone cost only a few hundred dollars.


The main reason drone racing is cheap is because there are no people on-board and hence the drones are very small.

Even though the drones maximum race speed ups to 150km/h outdoors, indoors their speed is more limited due to the obstacles,

When flying outside, drone racers must operate according to their country’s Aviation Regulations, which differ from nations.

The ability of FPV aircraft to fly far beyond the visual range of the pilot and at significant altitudes above the surface has raised some safety concerns , causing some national aviation authorities to restrict or prohibit FPV flying.


When racing indoors, there are no air space regulations for drone racers to worry about. This is one of the reasons that racing around parking garage, warehouses is popular.

Racing for money

The rapid grow of drone racing is already showing that this will be a big money sport.

In 2015, Chad Nowak from Brisbane, Australia, was crowned the first world champion of drone racing with a award up to A$15,000 and he had only became a drone racer for only one year.
In January 2016, an organisation called the Drone Racing League (DRL) announced that it had secured A$8 million to run an international FPV drone racing series.

In March 2016 ,Dubai host the World Drone Prix,with grand prize up to $1 million..

Drone racing is such a new sport that it is hard to predict if it can become a major event to comete with established individual racing sports.

To understand a Multirotor

Frame is the core of a multirotor, almost all the accessories connected to it directly. We can put the whole model aircraft into two parts: a “heart” – flight control and the use of motor control “legs” – machine blade, and above all these parts are to be integrated in the frame, in order to avoid damage by hitting them, and a rack and control center of gravity of the whole plane.


So what the material usually use to build a frame?

Frame can be made up of many different materials, such as wood, plastic, metal (aluminum), glass fiber, carbon fiber, and other materials. All the parts will be fixed with screws or cable tie on the rack, and occasionally see a flexible foam padding on the rack with plastic or similar in order to reduce the impact of external factors on the frame buffer.


How to define a multirotor?

There are two mainly aspects, the definition of the element is the number of the motor, it defines the number of rotor how much N; 2 it is rack wing (axis) M, the number of that defines the aircraft is M shaft aircraft. We usually of a spacecraft called M axis N propeller aircraft.



Tricopter generally has two axis in the plane forward, a shaft in the negative. So the body should looks like T or Y type. Negative motor adjust plane through the rotation of the fixed on a course , tricopter is better control, usually also rise faster, but not dramatically. Of course, if the motor stops operation, so the plane will crash, but this kind of model is relatively agile.



Quadcopter weight more than a tricopter, were also more likely to form, because the quadcopter does not need to separate to control the parameters of single motor. They are more stable, and the flying time is longer, because you can carry a bigger Lipo battery 5000mah. quadcopter by reducing the speed of the two motor to implement the roll, and the other two motor can control the whole of the aircraft.

QuadcopterX(QuadX) or quadcopter+ (Quad +) has different wingspan, makes the plane looks like an X or a +.


Hexcopter and Octocopter(6-moter and 8-moter)

The basic design of hexcopter and octocopter are same. Rotor arranged around a central point into a round shape. There are some model install the rotor at the top. Y type hexcopter looks like a tricopter, but no one in which the parameters of the rotor independent control. On the contrary, yaw is similar to the four rotor aircraft, by changing the speed of the motor. Compared with the independent design yaw rotor, such design feeling not sensitive compared with independent yaw.


More rotor enables the vehicle to load better and more stable. Under the control of the rotor more aircraft in flight controllers, when one or more of the motor power, still can keep the ability to fly without crashing. But of course the total weight of aircraft and its complexity of building and is proportional to the price, and the number of rotor also need a lot of power supply,also need more 5000mah Lipo-batteries to carry.

As a beginner, quadcopter seems to be one of the best introduction to the model. They are easy to set up, and the flight is very stable. But when you start, it is better to ensure that the following two points: as simple as possible, the lighter weight, the better.

The best thing is not to start from a finished product craft. Firstly because when you crashed some expensive equipment, you have to wait and spent a lot of money go to the factory repair. Secondly, finished aircraft heavier commonly, lightness of equipment is easier to control when flying in the air. Thirdly, when flight control automatically upgrade and programmed by manufacturer, after it has already prepared everything for you, and you will never feel yourself the fun of how rotor aircraft flight control. The order we need to study is to grasp the principle and properties of aircraft first, and then to the next step of assembly and manipulation.

Suggestions to your Drone Battery Care

Lipo-batteries have now been with us for several years and have come to be an critical part of this pastime. They weigh 10%- 20% under the normal NiCd/NiHm battery plus they shop practically 350% more vitality. Nevertheless, they could aslo be totally charged in about an hour. All of this electrical goodness does not come with out a value. If not handled and utilized thoroughly, 14.8v LiPo battery can quickly come to be broken and even catch on fire. So I am creating this in an try to explain tips on how to ideal retain your drone battery. And naturally, picking a better battery for your drone is aslo vital to be able to have greatest performance and daily life span. For me I’m now using Tattu for my drone, even so it’s safer and even more highly effective than what I’ve employed anyway.

Allows begin using the fundamentals with the drone care. First off , your storage natural environment must be clean and dry. Retain them out of contact with any random metal objects and at safe, non-extreme temperatures. Or everything you have to do is always to ensure that they are really properly encased and sealed when within your drone, preferably within a waterproof battery box, after which keep it within a clean, dry spot.

Your Drone battery must only be charged by particular chargers produced to charge your drone battery.

As me personalized,I’m utilizing Tattu 10000mah 6s,You could possibly use distinctive brand,however the method is the same,Taking battery from your drone just before you charge your battery. Obviously, be sure your battery isn’t going to put close to any flammable products or liquids any time you are charging it.


Utilize the distinct charger to discharge your drone battery. It might aids to quit discharging at a risk-free minimal charge degree. As in my case,PL8 functions great for my Tattu battery,Tattu 10000mah 6s because the best battery in uav area,so charger must be excellent adequate to match it.

Another thing what you have to prevent is not to overcharge your drone 3s 11.1v lipo battery.Usually speaking, the less that batteries are pushed to their max (that goes for charge and discharge), the more cycles they’ll deliver.

They’re recommendations to look right after your drone battery. Much better battery safety and longer battery lifespans, which in flip gives you a more healthy wallet!

How Very low Can a Battery be Discharged?

In our every day daily life, when we’re utilizing our electronic goods, we might discover our mobile phones, laptops usually immediately powered off even though you will discover still all around 5 % capacity left. Some reserve is always left behind on purpose after the tools cuts off. Why? There are numerous good reasons for this.

Most gadgets flip off once the li-ion battery reaches 3V/cell on discharge. The power preserved is utilised for housekeeping, self -discharging, as well as for decreasing battery pressure. If your cells are above discharged under 3V, this may do good harm for your battery. When the the sells self-discharge lowers the Voltage of about 2.6V, at which level most packs turn out to be unserviceable having a regular charger.

Electrical power tools and rc auto batteries lipo hobby designs draw higher existing tend to push the battery voltage to an early cut-off. This can be particularly apparent at cold temperatures and in cells with high internal resistance. These batteries might still have ample capability left following the cutoff; discharging them having a battery analyzer at a moderate load will typically give a residual capacity of 30 percent.

To prevent triggering premature cut-off at a higher load or cold temperature, some device manufacturers may well reduce the end-of-discharge voltage. Li-ion in the energy device may discharge the battery to 2.70V/cell in place of 3.00C/cell; Li-phosphate could go to 2.45V/cell in lieu of 2.70V/cell, lead acid to 1.40V/cell in place of the customary 1.75V/cell, and NiCd/NiMH to 0.90V/cell instead of 1.00V/cell.


As a way to get easier to learn the standing in the battery, smart batteries begin to come out for people today to better defending their batteries. This kind of as TATTU Plus-7.4v 5000mah lipo battery, the practical sensible battery for drone industry, can self-prevent from overcharge to in excess of discharge.

Why my drone easy to crash?

As the drone more into people’s lives, the crashing drone inevitably become to a hot topic, because to be honest, frying a machine is too easy,although the worst experience a drone pilot can face is crashing or losing your drone during flight.

Lots of new classmate do not have good instruction, or lack of corresponding processing experience, they usually crashed of ignorance, the reasons are various.the reason can be divided into two broad categories:


Before flight:

No calibration of GPS and the compass;

No number of stars on GPS, weak star flight;

Didn’t tighten the screw. Propeller must confirm again;

Did not confirm the electric quantity of Li-po battery 5000mah. Many people will prepare several batteries, sometimes,but they did not press the button to see if the power enough when they first fly;

Unfamiliar with the remote control , don’t even know when they accidentally set to Japan’s hand.

During flight:

Bump a tree, building, hit anything;

Lack of control ability lead to the disorder direction after the drone fly over-the-horizon;

Through the interference area in the course of flight;

Ignored the sudden wind or windy weather;

Out of brake control cause drone roll fell.

To help you avoid this predicament, we’re going to explain the biggest dangers to you and what you can do to avoid them.

Know Your Drone Piloting Capabilities

The biggest danger to your drone is yourself, especially if you’re a new pilot or working with unfamiliar equipment. The odds are if something goes wrong during your flight, you caused the problem!

Start out low and slow – We all know the greatest joys of flying a drone can come from soaring around high up in the sky, maybe even capturing some killer video, but you need to learn while flying 15-30 feet off the ground before taking it any higher. During a worst-case scenario (heading for a tree/building, running out of battery, losing control, etc.) you need to get your drone back on the ground ASAP.

Treat New Equipment as a New Drone – If you add new equipment to your drone (like attaching a new camera on your Phantom), treat your flight as if it’s a completely new drone you need to master. Things like handling and 2s 7.4v Lipo battery life will be affected and could lead to some poor outcomes if you treat it as if nothing has changed.

Avoid Obstacles

This goes along with flying within your limits, but one of the most common causes of crashes are caused by flying your drone into objects like trees and buildings. It’s also one of the easiest ways to lose your drone – getting it stuck at the top of a 60 foot tree, or on top of a building you don’t have access to (and the owners may not be so nice).

Start out by flying in an open field, away from any trees, buildings, bodies of water, or roadways. This is the safest way to ensure your drone comes home with you.

Weather Can Kill Your Drone

Another major threat to your drone is weather itself. Luckily, it’s very easy to avoid if you just put in a little time researching weather reports before hand.

Check the weather report before you fly – If there’s a chance of rain, save your flying for another day! Better to be safe than have your drone come crashing to the earth due to technical malfunctions from getting wet.

Know the wind gusts – Be sure to check the current wind conditions on a weather app before take-off. Most novice pilots can handle wind speeds of 5-10 MPH without much issue. If you see wind speeds at 15 MPH or above, you should reconsider flying near any obstacles or with too much altitude. You could find your drone caught in a wind gust that didn’t exist at lower altitudes, and it could carry your drone away or capsize it.