Gaga was second to perform, and appeared very quickly after opener Kendrick Lamar, so it made sense that she was just about the first person on the red carpet: She had to get this Armani some quality promenading time before she changed into her angel outfit. Mission accomplished, Stefani. This was one of the highest-impact outfits of the night, and one the telecasts turned to again and again for its glamorous B-roll — proving yet again that she’s among the best at making the world her stage.

Chrissy Teigen attends the 60th Annual Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden on January 28, 2018 in New York City.

Janelle has us conditioned to expect her in black, black and white, or either of those with a touch of red. So it was a delicious swerve to see her showing up in this D&G tux that’s erupting in flowers — and yet still, somehow, so wholly her. If you don’t yet think styling is an art, you’d best start.

When we saw her on the red carpet telecast, she was in close-up, and we were so confused why Hailee would pick Grammy night of ALL nights to go so simple. We needn’t have furrowed: The full shot revealed those glitzy purple boots, which instantly elevated this entire look into excellence. And, not for nothing, made us think of Prince. It’s never a bad time to invoke his memory.

Doubtless the shirt and miniskirt themselves would be a perfectly cute outfit on their own, but that resplendent matching duster elevates this into something indelible. She’d better not take it off at the after-parties; it’s perfect for making a dramatic entrance.