Hello Hello!! How much festive and bridge are you enjoying? We yesterday was a day of relaxation with film session in the evening-night to see the Spanish comedy of laughter assured :)

Winter weddings are usually more unusual, but more and more couples decide to celebrate that great day in the middle of winter, which gives them a romantic plus, light and even snow if that is the case. As for guests there is no strict protocol to carry, letting the imagination fly.

The color burgundy wins par excellence for weddings by day, as well as the pink quartz that both takes this season that gives an apex of romanticism to the look. But what if we bet on bright colors and citrus? Orange and light blue are two clear examples.

As for fabrics lace can be a very good choice always combined with lounge shoes, silk, satin but also wool and cotton are suitable for winter weddings.

Next I propose a series of examples with uk.millybridal.org dresses that I discovered recently and they look very nice, lots of lady dresses for all styles and affordable in the pocket.
I hope you like them And if you have a wedding this winter do not hesitate to apply these tips. Kisses and happy day !!