An Orlando woman’s bridesmaid dresses were stolen less than two weeks before her wedding.

The woman, who didn’t want to be named, says her sister’s car was stolen in Sanford Saturday night. The sister had left the dresses in the car because she planned on getting them altered.

“The one that hurts me the most — my mother’s ‘mother of the bride; gown,” the bride said.

In a strange twist, the groom spotted the car at Sammy’s Food Mart gas station on French Avenue in Sanford the next day. He cornered the teens inside the car, while calling police. The four boys got out and ran, but police caught and arrested one of them. The dresses, however, were not found.

“They weren’t there and that just crushed her. That was hard for me to see,” the groom said.

Not only was the car beat up, but the dresses cost more than $1,000. The bride is hopeful someone will find them. She says most of the family’s money has run out after paying for the wedding.

“They affected not only one person, they affected a whole family who worked very hard to plan a wedding and to purchase the gowns.”

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