Bridesmaid Dresses

The Right Fabric

For elegant results, choose a rich, supple fabric for your dress, like silk, satin, or chiffon, that is regal and elegant, and comes in a variety of rich colors to match your wedding color theme. These fabrics drape well, are lovely to look at, and won’t go out of style, so your bridesmaids can wear them to other functions after the wedding.

Price Does Matter

You may have your heart set on a high-priced designer original for your bridesmaids, but think about them, after all. They may all not be able to afford a high-priced gown, even if they will get more than one wearing out of it. It’s best to choose a moderately-priced gown if your bridesmaids are buying their own gowns, to take it easy on their pocketbooks and protect your friendship! Remember, they have to buy shoes, jewelry, makeup, and hair styling for the big day, too, so help them out with a budget-conscious bridesmaid dress.

Go Simple

When you look for bridesmaid dresses, look for elegant, classic, simple lines that are timeless, fashionable, and still say “special.” These types of dresses never go out of style, which means your bridesmaid can wear the dress again, and that’s something she’ll thank you for. In most cases, the bridesmaid dress ends up in the back of a closet, never to see the light of day again, and that’s quite an investment to make in a one-hit-wonder dress. Instead, choose a simple, timeless design, like a v-neck, off-the-shoulder, or strapless design in a soft color that will look fashionable at a cocktail party or formal event, and won’t end up stuffed in the back of the closet.

Go Shopping!

Take a look at current bridal magazines to get an idea of what kind of styles are popular right now, and tear them out to take with you when you go shopping. Be sure to take your bridesmaids with you when you shop, so you can get their ideas about size, style, and color that they prefer. You probably won’t make every one of your bridesmaids happy, but if they have input, they’ll probably feel a little bit better about your decision. Remember, everyone isn’t the same size or height, so take that into consideration when you choose your perfect bridesmaid dress.

So, keep your dress choice simple, elegant, stylish, budget friendly, and beautiful to keep your bridesmaids happy while still creating an well-dressed and stunning wedding party.