Some of the most popular styles for plus size bridal dresses are two-piece gowns that can make the bridesmaid’s waist look smaller and dresses paired with sashes. Bridesmaid gowns that come in two pieces or more are more flexible and colors can be easily mixed and match while keeping up with the wedding theme. It is also recommended to shop for undergarments for bridesmaids that are especially designed to further flatter their figure and help them look their best in their bridesmaid gowns. For the final fitting, it is very important for bridesmaids to bring along their undergarments and shoes with the dress, so that tailors can make the proper alterations just in time for the wedding.

Bridesmaid Dresses

It is very important for the bridesmaids to complement the theme of the wedding and to get advice from the bride on the appropriate styles for the gown. Ideal colors for a wedding theme are colors that best flatter the bridesmaids’ skin and hair color. Bridesmaid dresses, including plus size ones, come in all shades and darker colors can make plus size bridesmaids look thinner and sexier in their gowns. Bridesmaids must take the time to know their body type and the possible styles that will best fit their body shape. Brides must also take the time to bring their bridesmaids shopping to help them find the best bridal dresses for their body shape and size while staying coordinated with the wedding theme.

Finding the right plus size bridesmaid dress is very easy nowadays. Most wedding shops and boutiques offer a wide range of styles and colors that can make plus size bridesmaids look as stunning as their slimmer counterparts. Typically, the bride will provide the bridesmaid dresses and ask a tailor to take all the measurements needed and the bridesmaid’s preferred style. In some cases, a bridesmaid may be given the task of choosing her bridal gown personally.
Today, even when one is a plus size bridesmaid, one can still look pretty and sexy like other slimmer bridesmaids. The task of finding the right plus size bridesmaid dress is as important as finding the bride’s wedding dress and cooperating with this task will not only make the wedding complete, but will also make the bridesmaid complement the gorgeous bride. Schedules and appointments must be properly arranged to allow bridesmaids to choose their dresses and for alterations be made prior to the wedding.