In the field of motion control systems, it is generally necessary to use a servo system or a stepper system,Stepper system can be divided into ordinary step and closed-loop step, the difference between the two is whether there is an encoder, the general step is not feedback signal, and closed-loop stepper feedback signal.Servo and closed-loop steps have signal feedback, and the servo accuracy is higher, so in general the price of the servo is more expensive.

We all know the price of the servo is more expensive, and there are many areas of servo applications, such as engraving machine, lathe, CNC equipment and so on.

There are many brands of servo, such as Yaskawa servo, Mitsubishi servo, FUJI servo, Delta servo and other well-known brands, these brands are generally more expensive, but the product performance is very stable, in addition to some brands are also very good, but the lack of promotion and visibility , So the price of the product is not so expensive, in addition to their technical differences will be a small part of the rest of life is part of the control and brand premium. (A simple description, there are other factors not listed)

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