Common closed-loop stepper motor controller system has NEMA23 NEMA34 NEMA52 NEMA54, in the purchase of closed-loop step must pay attention to see the motor frame.

closed-loop stepper motor specification

closed-loop stepper motor specification

If you need a non-standard flange closed-loop stepper motor, then you need to consult the business can provide, also need to consider the cost of the problem, the common flange motor is generally more expensive, and need to customize.

About step angle,Common are 1.8 degree or 1.2 degree.The formula for calculating the pulse is 360/1.8 or 360/1.2.

There is also a very important parameter,How much torque do you need to support your device.In general the common motor torque is about 1N.M to 20N.M,The greater the torque, the more expensive the price.But the relative servo, the closed-loop stepper control a lot cheaper.After all, the servo is more accurate.

The application of closed-loop stepping is very extensive,For how to design a mechanical transmission system, I will explain in detail in the next article for you.