In our daily life, we often go to the supermarket shopping, we may buy some packaged candy, green beans, flour, fruit, and we found this these products have a fixed weight.How is it done?

Today I recommend fully automatic weighing filling racking machine to you.

Fully automatic weighing Filling Racking Machine

Fully automatic weighing Filling Racking Machine

Fully automatic weighing Filling Racking Machine for food Particles powder

This quantitative filling racking machine product has a high precision weight sensor,and it is mainly used in some solid particles or powder products, such as rice, starch, pharmaceutical particles, etc.such as,We have 1 kg of rice and we need to divide it into 20g 50 parts on average.

Fully automatic weighing Filling Racking Machine (2)
filling machine control system for weighing

We only need to set the parameters in this product panel control system on it.


Fully Full-auto weighing filling racking machine Advantages

(1)Automatic powder filling machine, rapid quantitative filling machine.

(2) you can pack particles, the largest particles can use peanuts.

(3) Fast, small error, high performance, can be filled, bags, easy to use.

(4) It can automatically weigh the packaging, suitable for more types of goods

(5) Can be set according to their own needs in the computer board to adjust the weight of packaging items.

(6) With the protection to prevent powder into the motherboard line, the service life is longer.


Technical Support

(1) Products from the factory to provide one year warranty after sales and technical support. and English manual.

(2) Dear friend, when you place an order, please must provide the adapter plug type you need, like US,UK,EU. If you haven’t provide, we will send you according to your country.

In daily life, there are a lot of industrial equipment we may not use, but for individuals or small companies, the use of fully automatic sub-machine, very convenient, and can help you save time and working hours.