Hello, everyone, today I recommend reducer planetary gear box application for motion control system. What is the speed reducer, what is it doing?

If not familiar with it, today I would like to talk something about it with you. So today I will tell about it to you.

planetary gearbox

Reducer is widely used in our real life, but we seldom pay attention to it. If we ride a bike, we need to use the strength to let the bicycle is round. If we ride an electric bicycle,so we need spend much strength to let it round, because wo have motor and speed reducer.

So that, wo know it is not the same speed when the electric bicycle is working, and wo know it can change this speed ,and how fast this speed is depending on the motor,but some time,we want it to fast, we should change this speed, so we need know reducers.

As we know, there are many different motor in our market, and wo shuold use different function reducer matching motor.

planetary reducer LRF is a kind of widely used industrial products, high rigidity, precision, high transmission efficiency, the most is used to install on the stepper motor and servo motor, used to reduce speed and increase torque, match the moment of inertia.

Planetary Gearbox Reducer is series one of reucer,because it worked like planetary rotating,

Now, I recommend fasttobuy.com online web site Limited Planetary Gearbox Reducer LRF Series Matching for Servo Motor.

Conventional motors frame: NEMA17, NEMA24,NEMA30,NEMA34,NEMA36,NEMA42,NEMA52  and so on.And LRF Series reducer frame:


Match servo motor flange

 Supply speed radio













According to your motor flange choose reducer,and choose speed radio,and application it to different place.