Some time ago, a few students asked me why the AC servo motor needs drive? At that time, I told them at that time.

We know that there are many parameters of the servo motor, such as speed, torque, position and so on.

In order to make it easier to understand, I am here to give an example. AC motor speed is generally 1000 to 3000 r / min, the general power supply is 220V, or 380V, 50Hz, such as Delta AC servo motor, , but sometimes we do not want the motor speed is always the same, so we can change the frequency of the motor to change the way Of the rotational speed. Then we need to be accompanied by such a device to control the motor speed.

ac servo motor and drive kit

Servo motor control is very complex, Such as :Leadshine AC servo motor need to change the frequency, voltage, current, in order to achieve the motor speed, torque, position of the overall control, servo drive is used for this purpose. Servo motor is only responsible for how much you give me the frequency, voltage, I will do the appropriate thing. Frequency, voltage changes, the direction of change, etc. are responsible for changes by the servo controller.