DC brushless servo motor and drive is based on the development and progress of DC brushed servo motor and drive. Brushless DC Motor Kit consists of synchronous motor and drive, is a typical electromechanical integration products.

DC brushless servo kit is widely developed, in many areas to help us to work.Now, we talk about DC brushless servo kit applications in different applications.

 Brushless DC servo motor and drive

Application of DC Brushless Motor in Electric Tools Industry

1.DIY Electric wrench

Brushless DC  servo motor  drive control + sector some clutch, can be made into an electric wrench; matching rechargeable batteries can be made into a portable electric wrench. Mainly used for the demolition of automobile tires and other fields.


Brushless DC motor for electric grinding machine, you do not need to change brush maintenance work, the speed can also be based on the workpiece grinding speed control, noise than the original brush motor has a greater reduction, and the use of voltage DC, lower voltage, safety greatly improved

3. Vacuum cleaner

Brushless DC motor for vacuum cleaners, electrical parts of the mention greatly reduced high speed, suction, noise, the surrounding electrical interference; if using rechargeable batteries can also be made of portable multi-purpose vacuum cleaner

Application of Brushless DC Motor in Medical Industry.

1 bone saw

Brushless DC motor used for medical instruments made of bone saw surgery, force, cutting speed, low noise, small electromagnetic interference. And can be equipped with rechargeable batteries, making a portable product, easy to use.

2 dental electric mill, electric drill

  For dental health of the electric mill, electric drill of the brushless DC motor, small size, fast speed, low noise, low interference, durable and easy to use.