What is a planetary reducer?

We all know that the role of gear reducer in the industrial motion system in the main, why some reducer called worm gear reducer, and some are called planetary gear box reducers, we understand the picture through the picture.

Planetary gear reducer structure

Planetary gear reducer structure

There is a sun gear train in the middle of the internal structure of the product, next to the three gears around the sun gear. The reducer works in much the same way that planets work around stars. We call it planetary reducer. Or a gear reducer.

Planetary gear reducer important parameters.

What are the key technologies of planetary reducer? We through the picture more in-depth understanding.

PLF42 planetary reducer

Stage:The sun gear and the surrounding planetary gears form a separate deceleration system. If there is only one gear train in the gearbox, we call it one stage. If a larger reduction ratio is needed, more stages are needed, as shown in the second and third stages.

Rated output torque:Allowable output torque for long-term operation at rated load.

Arcmin:The input is fixed, the output clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation, the output torque generated when the output of the reducer wheel will have a small angular displacement, the displacement is called back to the city gap.

planetary reducer ratio:Output speed and input speed ratio.

In general, we mainly use these parameters as the core parameters. In addition we can through a table to carefully analyze these core parameters.

Planetary gear reducer parameters

We plan to PLF120 series planetary reducer as an example, the first choice is to select the planetary reducer brands and models, and then select the required arcmin precision, in general, the greater the reduction ratio, the smaller the accuracy, the greater the number of stages, planetary slowdown The greater the weight of the machine, the price and cost will be more expensive, there is also a more important thing is the input side of the flange and the corresponding motor flange. General these conventional planetary reducer are fixed parameters, if it is unconventional reducer need to find the manufacturer custom.