About  Servo  motor  Drive  Series

As we all know, servo motor and drive is an important part of industrial motion control. The servomotor is the engine that controls the operation of the mechanical elements in the DC AC servo system and is an auxiliary motor indirect speed change device. Servo drive, also known as the servo controller or servo amplifier, is used to control the servo motor of a controller, a simple metaphor is that people in the car, the foot to control the car throttle. Through the access to information, it is easy to know the servo motor drive DC and AC servo motor drive, on the DC servo motor drive and AC servo motor What is the difference, this can go to the site to access information, there are many websites or blog describes their different points And the same point.

delta ac servo motor  drive

delta ac servo motor and drive

About Delta AC Servo Motor Drive

Delta servo motor is the development of early industrial motion control device, and The main representative is the EMCA and ASDA.

Delta AC servo motor drive ASDA, the control loop adopts high-speed digital signal processor (DSP). With the automatic adjustment of gain, the design of command smoothing function and the software analysis and monitoring, it can achieve high-speed displacement and precise positioning and other motion control requirements. It can support absolute encoder, a variety of pulse form, built-in magazine functions, closed-loop control, the maximum input frequency up to 4M.

Delta AC servo motor EMCA, is the angular displacement or angular velocity that converts an electrical signal into a rotational axis. It is stable, good controllability, fast response, high sensitivity, mechanical properties and regulation of non-linearity of the strict indicators (requirements were less than 10% to 15% and less than 15% to 25%).

Delta ASDA servo drive and EMCA Servo Motor

Delta motors and drives, a wide range of applications. Delta’s motor and drive variety is very rich. ECMA is a representative of Delta AC servo motors. Buy servo motor in two, one is already purchased, does not meet the requirements, you want to replace a new one, the other is the DIY enthusiasts. People generally look for products based on use and technical requirements, and generally buy new motors to replace bad or very old products, the other is based on their own design features to find new alternatives. For example, you need to select a device like this: ECMA-C11020RS + ASD-A2-2023-L Delta 220V 2kW 6.37NM 3000r / min 100mm AC Servo Keyway Motor Drive kits with 3M cable. According to the parameters of these products and features, there is economic cost and other factors to consider choosing a different servo drive. Overall, Delta’s servo product quality and technology are leading in the industry. If you need to select the servo motor and drive, it is recommended to choose Delta.