Yang Guang Network Shanghai April 1 News (reporter Fu Han Xiaoyu) Recently, “2018 Beyond the illusion, X-fly Racing national opening season conference” held in Shanghai, as the domestic UAV competition operations Pioneer Team, x-fly and the presence of the field of the guests, media,

Friends in the circle reviewed the 2017-year race course, but also for the upcoming April at the end of the first race in Shaanxi early warm-up. In recent years, the charm of the cause of the UAV has gradually become more and more popular.

In the state of good policy and market demand expansion of the situation, all kinds of sports events came into being, as the perfect fusion of sports + technology, the movement through the machine has become the focus of attention. Press conference began, X-fly CEO Chen Yu brought “beyond fantasy” keynote speech, in the course of the speech reviewed X-fly from the start-up to the wings gradually plump this way from the dots. Competition Director Wu Yuping and technical director Liyaojun also introduced the x-fly2018 Cross Machine Racing Tournament competition system and x this year league official machine, and for the cross machine enthusiasts and factory manufacturers representative on-site solution puzzle.

The Conference also invited South Korea’s top racing team Kdra star flying Hand McK, bringing a very exciting speed and passion of the flight through the aircraft performance. In addition, X-fly co-founder Zhouque, state-level professional sports managers Fang Mengya, unmanned aerial network manager Juyanpo, the industry’s senior human resources director Zhu Tianyi on the “Competition IP challenges and the future” to launch a lively discussion, Zhouque said X-fly has been concerned about the importance of flying through the aircraft’s personal shaping and development, this year X Fly will be the league IP and personal long-term development of the flying hand, through the league platform for the flying hand to provide the opportunity to display, so that the flying hand through their own charm and flow for the movement through the motor racing.

Fang Mengya and Juyanpo also expressed their optimism about the good prospect of the speed-racing UAV, and hope to cooperate with x-fly and share resources in the future. In the following initiation ceremony, X-fly unmanned aircraft Racing founder Chen Yu, X-fly Drone Racing co-founder Zhouque, Shanghai Aviation Vehicle Model Association president Gu Chen, the United States UAV Team Rotorriot Professional manager Chad, National professional sports manager Fang Mengya and other guests jointly announced X- FLY2018 National Crossing Machine Racing Tournament officially launched.

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