ZTW Mantis 45A ESC with 5A SBEC – ZTW2045201

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The ZTW Mantis series is designed as a performance upgrade for your stock/OEM hobbywing  ESC. Its performance, feature set, and stability make it the perfect enhancement for your RC electric airplane or helicopter. It features compact size, light weight, simplified PCB design, super-smooth start up and throttle linearity, multiple circuit protections, governor, high amp BEC output and more. If you want to boost the performance of your stock ESC, the ZTW Mantis is an ideal choice offering a long list of advanced features and solid, reliable construction.

Note: If using with an Eflite Power 10, 15, or 25 motor, use the ZTW Programming Card to set the Motor Timing to 15 degrees and the Startup Strength to 25%.


  • Supports high RPM motors and can be used with most RC motors
  • Secondary sub-menu setting for easier programming
  • Advanced Governor Mode
  • More optional motor timing and soft acceleration setups
  • Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity
  • Power arming protection (prevents the motor from accidentally running when switched ON)
  • Auto throttle shut down in a signal loss situation
  • Safety thermal over-load protection
  • Uses the new generation of the MOSFET to ensure the ESC stays within operating temperatures and can support peak current draws
  • New v3.1 advanced programming software


  • ZTW Mantis 45A ESC with 5A SBEC
  • Pre-installed XT60 Connector (power connector) and 3.5mm bullet (motor connector) for your convenience
  • Instruction manual


  • ZTW LED Programming Card
  • Mantis 155A SBEC 5A
    Mantis 155A SBEC 5AMantis
    Mantis 155A SBEC 5A
  • Mantis 150A OPTO HV
    Mantis 150A OPTO HVMantis
    Mantis 150A OPTO HV
  • Mantis 120A OPTO HV
    Mantis 120A OPTO HVMantis
    Mantis 120A OPTO HV Brushless ESC
  • Mantis 125A SBEC 5A
    Mantis 125A SBEC 5AMantis
    ZTW Mantis 125A SBEC 5A
  • Mantis 90A OPTO HV
    Mantis 90A OPTO HVMantis
    Mantis 90A OPTO HV
  •  Mantis 85A SBEC
    Mantis 85A SBECMantis
    Mantis 85A SBEC
  • Mantis 65A SBEC
    Mantis 65A SBECMantis
    Mantis 65A SBEC
  • Mantis 45A SBEC
    Mantis 45A SBECMantis
    Mantis 45A SBEC
  • Mantis 35A BEC
    Mantis 35A BECMantis
    ZTW Mantis 35A BEC
  • Mantis 25A BEC
    Mantis 25A BECMantis