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Has the 'El Clasico' been tarnished eternally by referee statements

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Has the 'El Clasico' been tarnished eternally by referee statements

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    Lionel Messi is anticipated to return for the Barcelona facet in time for you personally personally to cope with Particular Madrid (Graphic: Reuters)The soccer world stops when it’s time for ‘El Clasico’ – Barcelona vs Real Madrid.Over the last few years we’ve borne witness to some of the most spectacular matches between these two great rivals with both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi featuring heavily in the shake up, as might be anticipated.The next instalment is due in just a few weeks time but this particular fixture has already been hit by controversy.Ahead of the game, it has been extensively reported in Spanish media that one of the assistant referee’s due to run the line in the match has been approached by a member of the referee’s committee and told to ensure that decisions ‘favour Distinct Madrid.’Taking his complaint to the anti-corruption authorities has, somewhat predictably, led to a witch hunt against the man in question, however, Barcelona are insistent that they want the promises fully and properly investigated.

    It won’t come as a surprise to many in Spain sadly, least of all Diego Simeone at Real’s great city rivals Atletico Madrid.He noted to AS via Mark Doyle of even before this season even began that it was: ‘Dangerously complicated for any team other than True Madrid [to win La Liga] because it can’t happen that Genuine Madrid wins only one league after seven years.Diego Simeone has voiced his concerns (Picture: Reuters)‘So, I see [the Liga title race] dangerously prepared for True Madrid, sadly.’Although the fixture has largely remained free of off-field controversy for some while now, there would always be a backdrop of corruption during the days of General Franco.The most famous El Clasico of them all – Genuine Madrid’s 11-1 thrashing of the Catalans in 1943 which still remains their record win to this day – is hushed up as much as possible by Los Blancos, yet shouted from the rooftops in Catalonia. You can probably hazard a guess as to why that is.What these latest statements have done is taken something away from what is certain to be another epic clash between these two giants of the game.It will most likely be Messi’s first game back after a long injury lay off and the Argentine will be champing at the bit to put on a show at one of his favourite away grounds. Madrid too should be back to their full complement of stars.

    On any other occasion this would be a celebration. A truly wonderful football match played by two of the best teams in Europe. Yet this particular edition will now have every single marginal decision scrutinised again and again and again.For any that might controversially fall the way of Madrid, there is a strong likelihood that Barca will want the same investigated and with Fifa (easy way to see fifa coins) already mired in such controversy, this is the last thing that the beautiful game needs at this juncture. (futcoin is here)

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