Got cold feet about the upcoming winter weather? If you find yourself dreading the season of frigid floorboards every year, it’s definitely time you discovered the cozy comfort of UGG Australia sheepskin slippers.

In a genuine UGG, the sheepskin fur around the boot matches the colour of the boot but the sheepskin fur at the bottom of the boot, where your foot sits, is always natural (or “cream”) in color.

Short UGG boots Short UGG boots are also available, allowing those who do not need insurance at a high beginning to enjoy the warmth and comfort and ease of UGG winter months of protection. Button boots like Bailey and the Ultra Short provide the warmth and comfort and ease of the sheepskin lining in boots that ugg boots cheap sale only go to the bottom of the calf. With leather uppers and rubber soles, many of these boots offer exceptional traction, keeping the classical beauty of UGG boots.

UGG boots made their first appearance in Australia, back during the nineteenth century. Essentially, they started life as a bulky sheepskin boot with a wool interior, including a ring of wool around the top to help keep the wearer’s feet warm; even in the coldest weather. Since freezing weather is a feature of Australian winters, a warm boot is needed to withstand the cold. But why the name… UGGs are so famous, that Oprah Winfrey once featured them on her talk-show. Legend has it that UGG boots got their name because many people referred to them as “ugh,” which is a slang term for ugly; quite a catchy name which has lent to the sustaining fashionable yet functional boot we love and know today as simply, UGG.

Check on the status of your Ugg boots at ugg boots black friday sale the same time. May as well get these marked of your ‘need to have’ list too. Especially since the cold and snow are knocking on the door. I have seen these worn with shorts and skirts in the summer and man are they sexy!

But in all fairness, these are cool, fashionable and even comfy shoes. You must treat yourself at the end of a long day (or at the beginning!) with these. A popular style is Scuffette UGG Slippers. They’re made of soft, cozy sheepskin that keeps your feet war ugg boots womens cheap sale m during winter months and offers moisture-wicking comfort in the summer.