StraightRazors.Net (SRN) – Interaction Overview is a community designed to promote the art of wet shaving/straight razor shaving. It is a place for you to learn and share information about shaving, straight razors, wet shaving, shaving equipment, brushes, safety razors and all other accessories.

You will find a vast amount of information within our site, marketplace, stores, forum, library, gallery, and of course, through our members.

Designed for the novice, intermediate, expert, pro, manufacturer, blacksmith and artisan, we offer tradesmen a place to not only showcase their work but also sell their items.


Our Vision

  1. StraightRazor.Net (hereafter “SRN”) is here to empower and promote straight razor shaving. From the novice to the skilled craftsman, it is our goal to bring this timeless art to the masses while helping those in the business with a platform to showcase their work without the burden of overhead. We are not just a “forum”; we are a marketplace… the marketplace for all things wet shaving.
  2. SRN works on the following principles– honesty, courtesy, respect and fairness.  We monitor the site to ensure our users also engage in the same manner.


SRN Conduct Rules

SRN conduct rules are straightforward, simple and act as a guideline to ensure the prosperity of the art, craft, site, people, products and love for all things wet shaving.

Please share your thoughts and opinions openly and freely with other members while keeping these things in mind:

  1. Be Respectful.
  2. Be thoughtful with your words.
  3. Don’t drop the F bomb or any other inflammatory words. 
  4. Don’t troll or make flame comments, pics, posts, etc…
  5. You’re entitled to your opinion here, but we are also entitled to removing any content that is out of line.


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